Monday, 28 January 2013

Soggy Prayers

Where to begin?

Two Fridays ago I was asking God for rain. My country was so dry and on fire (in places it still is). Today I write to you from a much, much soggier situation. A large portion of my state, and soon to be the state below us, are now in the middle of a major flood disaster situation. Some folk have lost everything. There have been several tornadoes go through towns not more than a few hundred kilometres from here. Some much closer.

A town just over an hours drive away is bracing for the worst flood in its recorded history. Emergency services spent the day evacuating one thousand residents by helicopter. They are worried that the sheer force of the water will tear houses from stumps and they will float away.

My own town is awaiting the peak of our river sometime this evening. Roads are closed. Bridges well under water. Businesses inaccessible. Houses in low lying areas submerged.

Out the front of my son's school

The really heart breaking thing is that we went through all this exactly two years ago. Businesses and family homes that have only just gotten back on their feet have been laid low again.

A beautiful park we love to visit

We desperately needed rain and now we need it to stop. While we thank God for what we pleaded for it feels ungrateful to say, ‘Now that’s enough!’

At the end of our street and around the corner 

Would you join me in prayer? My own family is safe and (relatively) dry. Many others though, are not. I don’t always understand why God allows these things. But I do know that He is in control


  1. So sorry! I will for sure pray. The weather seems to be devastating many towns in different countries these days. I hope you are still safe at your house. Take care my friend.

    1. Thank you! We are safe. The water levels are receding now and the clean up has begun for those affected. The town is still divided with some parts isolated. The main issue we (ourselves) face is the food supply in town is low due to the inability of trucks to get through on the highway. There was no bread and limited fresh fruit and veg in the supermarket this afternoon. We are blessed to be in the larger section of town that still has access to the shops that are able to open. School was meant to return this week but my son will not be going back until next week. Please continue to pray for those in the isolated areas - some still don't have electricity restored. I have heard of a community (I assume there will be others too) that may be up to two weeks without power.

    2. Sure thing! Will give it a prayer again tonight. So glad you are ok.


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