Friday, 26 July 2013

A Bruised Reed

Join me in the Five Minute Friday Challenge hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker. Participants write for 5 minutes with no editing, no over thinking, and no backtracking. This week’s word is: Broken.



Some days I feel so useless. With everything that’s been going on around here lately I’ve reached a brick wall. And crashed right into it. My body has been refusing to cooperate.

This morning I got up. That was an achievement folks. The fact that it was the same time as playgroup began didn’t matter. We still got ready and went anyway – for the last half. And I’m so glad we did. Just to get away from ourselves. To do something instead of staying home and being reminded of how useless and broken I feel. I’ve had several of those days lately. Too many.

My situation is right up in my face. Getting up my nose. Frustrating me. And I know that ‘when I am weak, He is strong.’ I know all that but some days I just want more. I don’t want to be this weak. This broken.

That’s when He gently whispers…

A bruised reed He shall not break, and a smoking wick He shall not quench… (Isaiah 42:3)

And I realise - it’s not so much about being broken. He just hasn’t finished working on me yet.


Now, your turn…

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dandelion Wuv

I WUV dandelions!” he announces to the world, as he runs outside to pick a bunch.

Watching from the doorway I think, “…and I wuv you!”

He will not always make such bold declarations. Or bring me handfuls of bright yellow sunshine. He is beautiful to watch. I must record this in my mind for later.

For now, I had better find a jar…

Friday, 19 July 2013

Where I Belong

Join me in the Five Minute Friday Challenge hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker. Participants write for 5 minutes with no editing, no over thinking, and no backtracking. This week’s word is: Belong.


I’ve been doing a lot of burden carrying of late. I have to remind myself all the time what God’s word tells us to do with them. Take them and put them where they belong. In His hands. At his feet.

And then there’s the constant urge to run away. To forget reality. To go eat ice cream or cake or chocolate. Or all three. To go shopping. To get to the beach. Just away from this house. This mess. These children. Who I really do love but Mama just wants a break. Yeah? Yeah!

But I belong here. In the midst of all this. It’s what God has called me to. In this season. It’s my right now and thankfully not forever. I am blessed to be here (if I stop and really think about it). So I will stay… And just eat a bit of cake every now and then.

When you're dull from all that glitters,
when you're thoughts have a hollow ring,
and you can't escape from the feeling
you're getting it wrong...

All your foolproof plans seem foolish,
all your status is status quo,
all you really need to know
is where you belong.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
Look full in His wonderful face.
And the things of earth will grow
strangely dim in the light
of His glory and grace.



Now, your turn…

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nifty Notion #9: Hand-Towel Mop

There’s been a lot going on here lately. I am utterly exhausted from it all. Seems like an appropriate time to share another cleaning tip.

This one is a brilliant ‘quickie’ to sooth your frazzled cleaning soul, and potentially decreases the amount of pride that needs to be swallowed when the next unexpected (or even expected) visitor pops in.

You will need:
1 case of exhaustion
1 dose of desire for a cleaner floor
1 floor that needs mopping
1 old hand towel (it will never be the same again - so please don’t use a good one)

How to:
  1. Completely wet towel in the sink.
  2. Wring out until just damp.
  3. Drop it on the floor.
  4. Using your foot, rub the damp towel over the area that needs mopping.
  5. Toss the, now dirty, hand towel into the laundry tub for later.
  6. Enjoy the cleaner look and feel.
  7. If you so desire - on a day you have regained some ‘oomph’, come back and do it properly with the mop and detergent.
You're welcome!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Unfold and Refresh Yourself

‘Unfold and refresh yourself’…

Maybe it’s my wacky sense of humour. Maybe they should have worded it better. I’m not sure. But who really cares? Gets me every time.

Things round here have been, well…stressed – to put it mildly.

My stepson has been here now for a little under a week. I know there has to be a ‘settling in’ phase. I know that whatever I’m feeling, he no doubt, feels ten times more. I can’t say I’m a fan of this. Kind of stinks sometimes.

Little things, that shouldn't feel big, do. Like the way he seemingly has no table manners -or at least, not the ones we wish he had. Like the way he unknowingly uses words and phrases that don't belong here. Like discovering his hair in my brush (what the?!). We said we’d love this kid where he was at. And we are. And we do. When he’s around.

Last night in whispered tones I confessed to my man, how I was really feeling. That even though it felt silly, the truth is I am struggling.

We said we would buy him stuff he needed. Knowing full well that there would likely be quite the list.  And there has been. The budget has suffered quite a beating. I’m tired and I physically ache. I just want to take a break. Spend some money on a meal out and maybe some entertainment for the kids. Run away and forget the real world for a while. But we must eat and there is no money left for fun.

I lay in bed last night and cried. Let the stress out.

This morning he rang the bank. Or rather the computer system there. We needed to be sure of where the funds were at so we could spend them wisely. He gets a silly grin on his face. Puts the phone to my ear. It says we have enough. More than we were expecting. Far more… The automated voice asks if I’d like to hear it again. I pushed the button. Yes please!

Turns out we qualified for a payment we were blissfully ignorant of. And there it is. God knew. And God supplied.

Now, I can unfold and refresh!

Matthew 11:28  If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, 
come to me and I will give you rest.

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