Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nifty Notion #9: Hand-Towel Mop

There’s been a lot going on here lately. I am utterly exhausted from it all. Seems like an appropriate time to share another cleaning tip.

This one is a brilliant ‘quickie’ to sooth your frazzled cleaning soul, and potentially decreases the amount of pride that needs to be swallowed when the next unexpected (or even expected) visitor pops in.

You will need:
1 case of exhaustion
1 dose of desire for a cleaner floor
1 floor that needs mopping
1 old hand towel (it will never be the same again - so please don’t use a good one)

How to:
  1. Completely wet towel in the sink.
  2. Wring out until just damp.
  3. Drop it on the floor.
  4. Using your foot, rub the damp towel over the area that needs mopping.
  5. Toss the, now dirty, hand towel into the laundry tub for later.
  6. Enjoy the cleaner look and feel.
  7. If you so desire - on a day you have regained some ‘oomph’, come back and do it properly with the mop and detergent.
You're welcome!


  1. HAHA...if you knew how many times I have seen my mom doing this very thing :). I wonder how many women have this dirty little (or er clean little) secret?

    1. Lol! My pleasure to reveal it then!!


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