Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Little Visitor

I've had a little visitor in my garden this week.
Gracing us with his presence each day.
Fluttering about and adding cheer.

When we watch for the little things,
We soon discover a world full of blessing.

He finally sat still long enough to pose for a photo…

Today I'm linking up with Create With Joy for Wordless Wednesday. Where we share our favourite photos with or without words...


  1. Love it! I love butterflies. You do know that you can spot a fairy sometimes riding a butterfly if you look real close? ;) I can't wait to see some around here this Summer. So true what you said about watching for little things and noticing blessings everywhere. My thoughts exactly.

    1. Will have to keep an eye out for fairies then. I think people often get too busy to stop and smell the roses. I mean, who knows what kind of interesting bug might be lurking in the petals? Little things are so fascinating. Bless you heaps :)


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