Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Breath of Christmas

Two more sleeps until Christmas. I could use another week!

It seems we’ve been doing a lot of surviving lately. Putting one foot in front of the other until the end of the school year finally arrived.

In the week since (yes, just a week - though it feels like two), we have already made a quick dash to visit the in-laws a few hours away.  Since returning the air-conditioning at the shops has been far more inviting than the sticky heat at home.

Gifts are all purchased now, but certainly not wrapped.

We’ve been madly cleaning and I’m happy to report that the rumpus room does still exist. Which is just as well, my family is hoping to celebrate together in there.

Last night the first of the decorations were hung. Umm, better late than never? 

I’m beginning to breathe again. I’ve decided that bedroom doors exist for a reason. The joy of the season is not worth trading for a perfect abode.

So here’s to happy memories made with family, quiet moments with meaning, and plenty of peculiar treasures.

Happy Christmas everyone! May peace and joy abound in your hearts as we celebrate our Saviour’s birth!

PS: I’ll be taking a blogging break for a week or two. Once the parties have quieted down - the renovating begins! I’ll do my best to pop in somewhere between the restoring and building. Please forgive if I have paint on my nose. 


  1. You are in good company my friend. Glad to know I am not the only one who felt this way this year! I was so behind that I never got cards mailed out,not even e cards, I never did a stitch of baking (but am thinking I will bake some tomorrow before the next batch of guests arrive), and didn't get the tree up until like 3 days before Christmas. My bedroom is a disaster, and no decorations in there either (as usual). I had all my gifts bought early before I got ill feeling , thank goodness!! but they were not wrapped until Christmas Eve around midnight. In the midst of all of that though, it was a good Christmas in a different way. Quiet moments with God, as you mentioned. And sort of freeing in a way this year to give up doing everything except the bare necessities. You are so right, in that enjoying the season and time with others is more important than the perfectly clean and decorated home. I like the simplicity of that photo with the tree by the way. Happy Christmas to you too! Will look forward to reading your stuff when you come back, but enjoy the blogging break :D

    1. thanks Rebekah, hope you had a lovely Christmas too! Glad you liked the piccy. It was my little quiet place to sit and ponder the wonder of it all. Today we began on fixing the door (in the photo). Let the renovating begin!! See you on the other side. Blessings :o)


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