Wednesday, 16 July 2014

On Gardens and Second Chances

Once upon a time a garden grew in my heart. It had to grow there because we didn’t yet own a place of our own to make it a reality.

That’s not to say that we didn’t have a go at gardening. It just had to take the form of pots and little patches that landlords were willing to allow a daisy bush or two to grow.

The day finally came that we spent a ridiculous amount of money (who knew seedlings could be so expensive?) and went to town planting out daisies, cornflowers, society garlic, lavender, chrysanthemums, lobelia, alyssum, salvia, agapanthus and other pretty flowers we’ve long since forgotten the names of. It was a very special thing to finally plant out the potted roses that had moved around with us to each town also.

The garden grew and flourished. A place of quiet beauty. Admired by many as they walked past. Commented on occasionally too.

And then it rained.

And rained.

And rained some more.

In all the wetness, the weeds grew big and strong. So did the grass. Try as we might to conquer the jungle, it conquered us. We gave up in a way. Lost our ‘oomph’. Let the wildness win.

There it sat. For a year. (Okay, it was a bit longer than that).

When we could stand the depressing-ness (someone please tell me the correct word here?) no longer, we vowed to make it delightful again.

Much hard work, and several physiotherapy sessions later, the weeds and grasses were gone. All that remained were a few brave survivors. The rest, a blank canvas.

Again we went crazy at the nursery buying all our favourites. The neighbour watched on (somewhat amused I think – he’d hadn’t seen the garden before) at the planting frenzy that followed.

A couple of months on, those little seedlings have grown some. The flowers smile and nod in the breeze. It is a pleasure to just ‘be’ out there…

Thank God for second chances.

Thank God that messes and mistakes are not permanent.

Thank God that He is the tender gardener of our souls.

Thank God that weeds do come out.

Thank God that He is willing to start over in a surrendered heart.

Thank God that He is not finished with us yet.



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  1. There is so much we can learn from gardening! I've been learning from my vegetable garden this summer. Thanks for sharing about your second chance! And beautiful pictures of the flowers!

  2. Shoot. I think my comment got deleted somehow! I was just saying how your flowers are beautiful and I'd love to see more photos of your garden :). Also, what kind of flower is that purple one with the blue center?! It is gorgeous. Looks like a daisy, but I have never seen one that color.

    1. Looks like a daisy cause it is! An African daisy to be more specific. They come in a few shades, ranging from white with blue centre (my fave), to pinks and purples too.


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