Wednesday, 25 December 2013

How to Have A Merry Little Christmas

  1. Finish up the school year frazzled and well and truly ready for it all to Just. Go. Away.
  1. Spend the next week getting woefully behind on your to-do list whilst procrastinating every day and generally just relaxing because, well, you desperately need to.
  1. The weekend before the big day decide you had really better get organised. Go shopping to grab last few things. Don’t end up getting all of them because car decides to break down.
  1. Once you finally make it home, spend the afternoon getting very sticky making Christmas treats with the kids while hubby stays with the car and organises a tow truck.
  1. You really, really need to clear out the rumpus for the renovating. So spend the next day washing like a mad woman to clear that pile (hint: this requires 5 loads). In between, sort and fold like your life depends on it. The Mt Foldmore range will miraculously diminish before your very eyes. Also, take note how cute the five year old is helping carry pile after pile of clean towels to the linen cupboard.
  1. Flop into bed at the end of the day satisfied but utterly worn out.
  1. Wake the next day not sure that you feel one hundred percent. Soon realise it’s because you seem to have gained a UTI overnight.
  1. Try to carry on as normal because after all, this is Christmas Eve now and there is much still to do. Like decorating and rediscovering the lounge room floor. Do not even look in the kitchen.
  1. Do not panic either - just imagine your perfect children helping clear it all away in a matter of minutes.
  1. Get a stronger grip on reality.
  1. Come to the understanding that your pounding headache might need some attention. Take your temperature and realise it is slightly higher than is considered normal.
  1. Ask online friends for prayer. Thank God for such amazing women.
  1. Take next round of medication. Put yourself to bed and rest. Thank God for hubby willing to take children out for a while to make this possible.
  1. Scan the scene and concede it is just not gonna happen how you had planned.
  1. Have brilliant idea. Glean ideas from favourite magazine. Release the stress.
  1. Feed and bathe children. Put them to bed. Relax with husband and a movie.
  1. Go to bed.
  1. Wake up Christmas morning. Have a lazy breakfast with family. Put roast on. Put dishes on.
  1. Choose to ignore horrid mess of a house. Gather simple yet beautiful things, from around your home, that you love. Take these outside to gazebo hubby and kids are putting up in the back yard.
  1. Lose yourself in a moment of creativity as you arrange them wistfully.

21. Invite the family to join you. Acknowledge that really this is all you need. 

22. And have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

Wishing you

Hope in our Saviour

Peace in your heart

and Joy in the little things

Happy Christmas!


  1. I can so relate to your hurried Christmas season. Mine was a bit different, but I was working hard staying up late for a week straight because I had not gotten things done yet. Sorry you had such a rough time of it!

    1. Ah but all's well that ends well, no? I like to think of it as a blessing in disguise. I have been wanting to try out such a scenario in our yard for a while. Just never imagined it would be quite this way. It was a beautiful way to take my mind of worries and just relax and enjoy the moment for what it was :)


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