Friday, 19 October 2012

On Looking Alive: Five Minute Friday

I’m starting a new adventure. On Fridays at least. I’m linking up with ‘Five Minute Fridays’ by Lisa-Jo Baker. The rules are simple:

  • Check her blog to get the topic.
  • Write for five minutes about whatever that brings to mind. No editing, just fun.
  • Post it! 

So I gave it a go… Today’s word is ‘look’.


I look around me. What do I see? A mess.

But look closer.

I see a wooden train track. I see a hat; shoes discarded after a long day; a box of nappies; my own crafty mess; a story book; crumbs. Lots of crumbs. I see a lounge that has been bumped from its perfect ‘lined up neatly with the fourth floor board position’; A crooked rug.

I wish it were so much neater. The quiet contentment that brings.

Look again.

A family lives here. LIVES here.  How much better to be alive than stifled by perfection.


Now, your turn...


  1. Oh yes! A place where people actually live and enjoy their surroundings, is never neat. Especially if you add children into the mix :)

    1. Especially if you add children!!! Thanks Colline :o)

  2. So good! Love that last line! Welcome to FMF!

    1. Thank you Erin. I've watched other bloggers do FMF for a couple of weeks and finally decided it's my turn now :o)

  3. So sorry I didn't comment sooner. Had a sad tragedy happen on Friday (will email you sometime about it) and have been a bit out of it. I loved your 5 min. friday though! Welcome to this fun community. So happy you are trying it!!! I relate to your writings on Look (even without kids) very much. So much peace comes with having the perfectly clean house, and yet you are right...the messes just show signs of life :)

  4. Hope you're ok? Thanks for taking a look (pun unintended - lol). It was fun (once my brain kicked in!).

  5. haha on the pun :) It seems to depend on the word for me. Some weeks the words just flow, and some words they give I sit there for a bit before I can think of what to say.


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